Hassle Free Fundraiser


Introducing the KBC PTO Hassle Free Fundraiser! For the month of October we will be running a check writing campaign. No need to pound the pavement or cold call everyone on your favorites list, you simply choose the amount for your tax deductible contribution and send it to school or pay online here .

•Tired of chasing down neighbors, friends and family to order wrapping paper?
•Do your loved ones avoid your calls come the start of the school year?
•Does your child empty your wallet in hopes of being the top seller in their class?
•Are you needing one more tax write off to keep the IRS at bay?

If you answered “yes” to any of these then this is the fundraiser for you!

What does the PTO fund? As an organization we raise money to enhance your child’s curriculum as well as enrich their social and educational experiences. Listed below are some of the contributions made possible by the PTO…

-Assemblies  -Birthday Books -KAI -Charity -Family Fun Knights -Jump Rope For Heart Prizes
-New School Year Classroom/Teacher Fund -Parent Directory -Planter Beautification -Welcome Social
-Playground Toys/Equipment -Grade Level Expenses (Field Trips, etc.) -STEM

YOU’RE WELCOME.  In an effort to simplify things this year we have cut several of our other fundraisers. Click here to read more about the Hassle Free Fundraiser!  (What has been cut and what will stay.  And also the fun incentives for the kids and parents!)

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