Classroom Baskets


What are Classroom Baskets?
Each classroom has chosen a theme for a gift basket and collected items that fit their theme, to be raffled off.   Despite in person learning being canceled for the year, the PTO is going to proceed with the classroom basket raffle. Our students, parents, and the PTO put a lot of hard work into the classroom baskets. (Also, some baskets have perishables or time sensitive items.) 

How will the Classroom Baskets work now that the Bolt is canceled?

You can purchase raffle tickets on the webstore (here) by April 30th.  Tickets are $5 for 1 ticket, or $20 for 5 tickets.

On May 1st all raffle tickets will be placed in 1 bin. Raffle ticket holders will not be able to pick which basket their raffle tickets have a chance to win, it will be completely random.  Each day, starting May 1st-May 21st,  1 basket will be raffled off. The winning raffle ticket drawn that day will be announced on the PTO facebook page, and the winner will be contacted.  That winning raffle ticket wins the basket that was assigned to that date (the winner will not choose which basket they want).  That winning raffle ticket will be removed from the bin of raffle tickets, and cannot win again.  BUT if you have multiple tickets, you can win multiple times!  So make sure to buy multiple tickets to increase your chances to win!! There are 21 baskets being raffled off, so you have 21 chances to win!  Winners will be put in touch with the Lead classroom parent that was in charge of the winning basket.  Together they will coordinate how to safely get the basket to the winner (this will involve a porch pick-up or drop off).

Can I see what is in each basket?

You can see an itemized list, and a picture, of each basket that is being raffled off right here!

Thank you so much for participating!  Please email with any questions!







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