2017-2018 Volunteer Opportunities

The PTO is looking for people to sign up to be their child’s Lead Classroom Parent and Classroom Photographer.  We are also looking for a couple of parent volunteers to Chair some committees.  The descriptions of each job can be found below.  Please sign up by September 1st.  Your help is truly appreciated!  The PTO cannot host events without parent volunteers.  Thank you so much!

Lead Classroom Parent:

The Lead Classroom Parent is responsible for planning and facilitating the 3 holiday parties, communicating with teacher and parents as needed throughout the year, and organizing the themed basket fundraiser for your child’s classroom in the spring.  There will be a Lead Classroom Parent meeting September 6th at 9:30 am.

**Note: Early Childhood does not have a Lead Classroom Parent.  They do have a Basket Coordinator only.  There is 1 Basket Coordinator for all 4 of Early Childhood teachers.  They are required to go to the Lead Classroom Parent meeting on September 6th at 9:30 am to learn about the Classroom Basket Fundraiser.

Classroom Photographer:

The Classroom Photographer is in charge of taking photographs at the three holiday parties and uploading them to the yearbook page as well as taking pictures as needed by the classroom teacher.

**Note:  Early Childhood does not have a Classroom Photographer.

***NOTE:***  Parents can only sign up to be either a Lead Classroom Parent or a Classroom Photographer in 1 classroom only!  You cannot sign up for either position in the same classroom or multiple classrooms!

Reading Night Chair(s):

The Reading Night Chair people will be in charge of planning a fun filled “Reading Night” for our students to enjoy. You will have a committee to help you with your planning.

Science Night Chair(s):

The Science Night Chair people may help the school plan an interesting “Science Night” for our students.

Fun Night Chair(s):

The PTO is always looking for new and fresh ideas for Family Nights for our students.  You will be in charge of planning what ever kind of Family Night you would like to have.  Our students and families enjoy theses Nights so much!

Please click on the Sign Up Genius to volunteer today!



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